Notice of Meeting of Projects Funded by NSFC Major Research Plan

(January 21, 2009)

Dear Professor,

  In order to realize the overall goal of the Major Research Plan “Cognitive Computing of Visual and Auditory Information”, to strengthen and promote the reference and exchange of outcomes between the different projects funded by this research plan and to further give impetus to the research works in aspect of the front foundation, key technologies and integrated innovation, etc, the Department of Information Sciences of NSFC hereby announces that a meeting for communicating the progress of projects funded by the Major Research Plan “Cognitive Computing of Visual and Auditory Information” will be held in Xi’an on July 3 to July 5, 2009 during the 2009 IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (IV’09) (
Please be responsible for organizing the project team members to carry relevant research reports (papers or physical demonstration) and be sure to attend this meeting. Specific matters will be informed in the future by the secretariat group, Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Department of Information Sciences, NSFC
January 21, 2009

Meeting Contactor: Jingmin Xin

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